Best Golf Driver To Buy In 2020- Top 5 (Reviews)


First of all before selecting the best golf driver, you need to know your real expectation. Makers of golf gear are subject to numerous parts of player determination. There is nobody bit of hardware that would suit all players. 


Above all, Drivers are the most troublesome club to take care of to execute to their maximum capacity. This is because of the length of the pole, the speed of the swing and the compliment swing plane contrasted with most different clubs. 

As of late various brands have uncovered earth shattering advancement, making it an energizing time to buy a driver. The most critical headways accomplishes in face innovation and testing as far as possible, at last expanding ball speed.



Our Rating


Callaway Epic Flash/Epic Flash Sub Zero



Cobra King F9 Speedback



Mizuno ST190G / ST190



Ping G410 Plus / G410 SFT




In the first place Keep in Mind When Buying a Best Golf Driver

To choose the best golf drive is the most energizing shot to hit and witness. It furnishes the player with a sentiment of accomplishment that couple of different shots can imitate. 


It is therefore that gear makers burn through billions of dollars in R&D and discharge new hardware consistently. 

Most players will adhere to attempted and tried drivers for a long time; with the normal number of rounds that a driver is utilized set at around 200 – 300. This bars visits to the driving extent. 


There are numerous classifications for looking at hardware, a couple of which are referenced beneath. This survey will concentrate on the class where there are the most dynamic players; to be specific the most lenient drivers for mid to high handicappers. 


Albeit most drivers were discharged as sets, for example TaylorMade M5/M6, we will feature the significant contrasts between the clubs, yet just audit the one that is generally appropriate to the mid to high handicappers. 

It is prudent to have a club fitting with your neighborhood club proficient to guarantee that you increase greatest advantage and consistency from your driver.


Expertise Level 

The player’s expertise level should affect enormously on an official choice of gear bought. Despite the fact that the sponsors would need you to accept that the most current driver would add a significant separation preferred position to your game, this isn’t generally the situation. 

Buy the hardware that will suit your game and spending plan, as opposed to spending huge sums on gear that won’t include esteem. It is suggested that the cash ought to along these lines be spent on organizing a fitting with an expert so as to accomplish better outcomes. 


Above all, This audit depends on the halfway players (mid to high handicappers). It would be ideal if you locate a concise portrayal of the classifications for the peruser to choose whether they fall into this classification. 


Finally the players in this gathering require however much help as could be expected. By and large, this implies less hardware and essential fitting until a steady swing is set up. Buy the most lenient clubs available, best golf driver available and improve your game. 



Middle of the road 

Most of players fall into this classification and this is the place the hardware audited will include the most worth. 

The clubs picked ought to be for the most part lenient for the helter-skelter hits as therefore up to 90 percent of hits in this class are still askew. 




Finally, even in this class players (counting some expert players) despite everything utilize excusing gear.




Probably most heads discharged fit in with the limit of 460cc. It is prudent to buy a driver with the most extreme size as not many players profit by littler estimated heads. 




The space of your driver ought to be in accordance with your surveyed club-head speed most noteworthy.

Speed of the Clubhead

< 85

85 – 94

95 – 104

105 – 115



20 – 14 Degrees

13 – 12 Degrees

11 – 10 Degrees

9 – 7 Degrees

7 – 4 Degrees


The movability of the driver will assume a major job contingent upon the ability and the individual inclinations of the player. 

A few players like to tinker with the arrangement all the time, while others are increasingly disposed to take standard alternatives and focus more on the usefulness of the ball. 


Note that customizability will add weight to the driver just as increment the expense. Not every person needs customizability. 

Above all, In the event that you do choose a club with movability, set aside the effort to see how it functions so it can help and not upset your game. 




In spite of the fact that there are numerous components that assume a job in the pole, flex is likely the most significant. The table underneath can be utilized as a rule.


Swinging Speed

53 – 62

63 – 76

77 – 92

93 – 107


Ball Speed

< 100

100 – 110

110 – 139

140 – 160



L – Ladies

A – Seniors / Amateur

R – Regular

S – Stiff

X – Tour Xtra Stiff


The lighter the pole, the quicker you can swing it. Lighter shafts are somewhat whippier than heavier shafts. 

Shaft Length 

The length of the pole assumes a job in the consistency of the shot and strike. Have the pole fitted for length and you will keep on receiving the rewards.

The 5 Best Golf Driver in 2020 Reviews

1. Callaway Epic Flash/Epic Flash Sub Zero : No. 1 Best Golf Driver

With the first escape innovation, in addition to an AI structured face creating a huge number of virtual models brought about sped up over the meat of the face. The steady head suits askew hits without significant loss of bearing and separation. 
  • Streak Face Technology for low turn and high MOI 
  • Escape Technology for quicker ball speeds and along these lines separation 
  • Profoundly sympathetic 
  • Customizable Perimeter Weighting takes into account control and flexibility 
  • Some discover the crown configuration diverting 
  • The sound isn’t to all golf players loving

New Flash Face innovation is because of AI innovation being put to use to structure the new essence of the drivers. 

The AI reenacted more than 15000 emphasizes to set the right thickness over the face and stay inside the trampoline impact parameters as set out by the USGA. 
The innovation permitted the thickness decrease from 5/1000 to 2/1000 inch by fashioning within at that point processing the front pushing the limits of legitimate cutoff points. 


The consequences of the enhancements have been demonstrated and most of players have seen speed additions of up to 10 MPH while as yet adjusting to guidelines. 


Furthermore The speed-up requires a more grounded face. Epic Flash Face is tempered for quality before being welded onto the head to make the 595C Super Aged Forged Titanium clubhead. 

The club holds the first escape innovation from the Epic range into the new Flash Face plan. The Epic Flash model will suit a bigger number of players than the SubZero. 

The Epic Flash Sub Zero driver is progressively fit to improved players needing to shape the ball trip than the Epic Flash. 

The exemplary Callaway bent line is hampered from the main edge and the club sits well at address. The head-on the Sub Zero form has a somewhat more profound head giving it the feeling that it is additionally lenient. 


The Flash Face is a progression of thick and slender twirls that give it the appearance compared to an ear. The Epic Flash is neither round and smaller nor extended and triangular. 


The strength of the headcover configuration must be hailed. The crown has flimsy green and gold stripes on a scenery of dark carbon fiber. At address, you can see the ball surrounded by two lines of white spots to aid arrangement. 


The look is improved by the laser-scratched lines together with the five bigger square shapes around the sweet spot toward the finish of the lines. The Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero driver arrives in a littler increasingly minimized head as the standard model without losing any of the highlights. 


Furthermore The sound of the ball meeting the Flash Face sounds hazardous without harming the more touchy ears. It will scare those playing accomplices that have a lesser personality however. 
It’s in the sound range between an empty sound and wooden-bat-strong. The volume and pitch are neither too high nor excessively low. 
In conclusion, For the most part, there is extraordinary discernible and tactile input through the hands that will accelerate the change procedure when playing with the new driver. 
Shafts come standard with a Golf Pride Align grasp helping arrangement through a raised edge on the back to help with hand arrangement.
The Cobra is the driver to beat in 2020, it is the best an incentive for cash as it is the most affordable. 
The equalization of hues and visuals bid to a greater market than previously. 
  • Streamlined head 
  • Low profound CG 
  • Great speed and separation 
  • CNC processing takes into account consistency over the face 
  • Great flexibility alternatives 
  • A few golf players don’t value the input and quieted sound created 
  • Illustrations are diverting to a few 
Cobra’s King F9 Speedback Driver air bundle was roused by supercars that Cobra named “aeroficiency”. The earth-shattering blend of low CG and a streamlined head is the first of its sort bringing about more good ways from quicker clubhead speed and decreases turn. 

Streamlined improvements and upgraded unbending nature of the carbon crown is accomplished through the deliberately set “PWR Ridges amplifying rate and separation. 



Furthermore A decrease in drag is accomplished using lightweight polymer crown excursions and titanium sole outings situated comparatively with the heading of the wind stream. 
The more triangular shape contrasted with different drivers available assists with sliding the club through the air. The high situation of weight on the clubhead makes a misfortune in separation due to expanded turn. 


By raising the border skirt and adjusting the main edges to speed up and steadiness through drag decrease, Cobra made what they call an “Aeroficient” driver. 
The principle shading on the 2019 territory is a yellow and dark shading plan with an auxiliary choice called Avalanche shade of day off, which isn’t exactly unadulterated white. 
In conclusion, The sound and feel of the King F9 driver was likewise somewhat better as well and joined with a decent determination of value shafts you get a club that feels ready and stable. 
Sped up is accomplished through the streamlined crown and restyled sole.
  • Quick Track Technology for a simple dispatch 
  • Fast Switch Adaptor for easy flexibility 
  • Great speed and separation 
  • Some discover arrangement testing 
The most perceptible change from the 2018 model is that the blue shading is supplanted by the dark to accomplish more extensive acknowledgment in a market that is coming back to the traditionalist side. 

The cleaned weave design on the crown gives a sure vibe. The less articulated sole using Wave Technology has fewer edges bringing about a solidified sole and improved ball speed. Here is a markable improvement in feel from its forerunner and the ST190 with a decrease in the pitch off the face contrasted with the ST180. 



Furthermore Mizuno’s utilization of Harmonic Impact Technology brings about an adjusted strong sound at sway. The improved flexibility with the Fast Track expands the usefulness of the club considering control of turn and course. 
The ST190 is a less difficult, weight-back driver with the ST190G being too customizable with two sliding weight tracks considering tweaking of turn and molding shots. 
ST190 holds the separation of its forerunner however making a lot of turns. The ST190 Cortech Face is 10% then the remainder of the head while holding the equivalent Forged SP700 titanium for the remainder of the head. 
Mizuno offers 26 shafts without an upcharge. 


In conclusion, The ST190 is a serious driver in the flow premium driver advertises with the organization coming back to a dull look instead of the restricted intrigue of the blue drivers of the past model. The ST 190 is a serious driver however in no way, shape, or form a class head.
  • Extraordinary blur adjusting 
  • Great optimal design 
  • Satisfying sound and feel 
  • Some discover the driver turns excessively 
  • The Turbulators don’t speak to all golf players 
  • Face toe screw is diverting for a few 
Ping isn’t the golf business hurrying into hardware changes that have no advantage to the player. The G410 Plus is the first occasion when that Ping has added versatile loads to their drivers. 
Ping’s new G410 SFT (Straight Flight Technology) Driver is their most blur adjusting driver yet worked with a draw predisposition 
Expanded clubhead speed is accomplished through a lighter swing weight yet permits extra to accomplish a square face at sway .
The Ping G410 territory has a marginally lighter shading than the previous G400 territory, which is just extremely recognizable while setting the clubs close by one another. 


The long white scored lines on the face (Turbulators) is intended to help with arrangement while tending to the ball. 



Furthermore The efficiently formed crown has progressively effective Turbulator Technology making less drag during the downswing making improved clubhead speed and separation. The protected warmth treatment process utilized by Ping to make the accuracy produced face makes a more slender and more sultry effect is bringing about the greatest flexing. 


An amazing sound and feel are accomplished through the way toward fashioning and the head’s inner geometry. By including portable loads just because, Ping has produces its most useful driver to date. 
In conclusion, This clench hand moveable weight item from Ping is enthusiastically suggested for individuals that are battling a blur inclination and that need to move to a more draw-one-sided club. It is suggested that the draw predisposition be determined to the G410 Plus.
The M6 is an inside and out contribution that is perhaps the least demanding driver to hit right now available. The blend of delicate looks, stable head, extraordinary sound, speed, and pardoning will suit most of mid to high incapacitate golf players. 
  • Exceptionally lenient 
  • Natural customizability 
  • Great ball speeds and separation 
  • Generally costly 
  • No significant enhancements for prior adaptations 
TaylorMade presents new innovation named ‘speed infused contort face’ in the new M6 driver pushing the limits at the edge of the Coefficient of compensation (COR) yet remaining inside the legitimate furthest reaches of speed guidelines. 
The innovative enhancements in spite of, the player despite everything encounters more absolution than in past models. 


More ball speed is created as by a bigger sweet spot coming about because of the fastens the clubface. 
The M6 player would likely: 
  • Require greatest absolution 
  • Have constrained to no requirement for movability 
  • Have the option to work the ball 
  • Smooth turn 

TaylorMade M6 Specs: 

  • 460CC head 
  • Length: 45.75 inches 
  • Space: 9, 10.5, 12 degree 
  • D3 swing weight 
  • Movable Loft Sleeve 
Furthermore The M6 has a sleeker streamlined shape than the M4 before it. The crown comprises of a 6 layer carbon fiber sole taking into account weight that it has to apply somewhere else to improve steadiness. 


With the weight reserve funds, engineers had the option to make a smooth, streamlined shape comprehensive of the new ‘dormancy generator.’ The idleness generator houses the extra optional weight amazingly low and back for most extreme pardoning while at the same time bringing down the CG contrasted with past models. 



The M6 has a lower and more profound load in the sole gratitude to a carbon sole. The M5 has a moveable rearranged T-track on the sole considering a 20-gram mobile to introduce. The matte dark customary molded crown moves certainty and helps with the simple of arrangement. 

In conclusion, The sound off the face is more quieted than the M4 with a more grounded feel through the ball. 
There are four key highlights to the plan of Speed Injected Twist Face that permit TaylorMade to boost ball speed:
  • Ultra-slim Titanium face with overhauled Inverted Cone Technology (ICT) 
  • Reengineered, progressively adaptable Hammerhead 2.0 opening 
  • Inner help froth with variable measures of infused pitch 
  • An exclusive calculation to tune each head, which is examined, estimated, and afterward tuned for most extreme speed and to guarantee similarity.

Last Thoughts On Choosing a New Driver in 2020 

In conclusion, There are such huge numbers of drivers accessible and we expect this to there being no “one size fits all”. We as a whole have various needs and needs. A decent driver that functions admirably with your swing style and speed is a fundamental bit of gear. While all clubs are significant, there is valid justification individuals contribute additional time, exertion and cash in their drivers and driving aptitudes. Hitting the nail on the head is significant. 


We have introduced the absolute best golf drivers and there is something for everybody. Think about your needs, your qualities, and shortcomings and select the best one for your game. 

The Callaway Epic Flash/Epic Flash Sub Zero stands apart as our top pick for the best golf driver during the current year. The innovation and structure of this driver give it pardoning and separation. It is a joy to drive and will enable numerous golf players to perform happier the tee. 

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