Justin Thomas reviews first grand slam derby at Tiger Woods’ home

Justin Thomas reviews first grand slam derby at Tiger Woods’ home
The general guideline among family room sports is, “permitted until something gets broken.” Well, much obliged, Justin Thomas. 
During an ongoing visit to Tiger Woods’ home in South Florida – pre-isolate, we expect – Thomas, Woods and Tiger’s child, Charlie, were hanging out, having some supper and playing ping-pong. However, children’s capacities to focus don’t keep going long, and Charlie needed to have a grand slam derby. 
“I get it’s a typical thing in the Woods house,” Thomas reviewed in a PGA Tour tweet. 
It started with a golf club, yet everybody realizes is anything but a genuine grand slam derby without a genuine bat. So Charlie exchanged, and began hitting dingers around the lounge room.
Woods was up straightaway, and for Thomas, it was a decent sign of how hard he expected to hit once his turn came around. 
“He’s basically simply peppering them. He’s hitting them as hard as possible, bobbing off dividers,” Thomas said. 
Thomas got down to business and gave it a swing, however reached on the finish of the bat, and the ball cruised on him, hitting – and breaking – a flame. Wow. 
Be that as it may, the two Woods young men just ignored it. Thomas, then again, still wasn’t certain about it, yet figured, “As long as it didn’t hit any of the significant trophies, it’s fine.”

Broadcasting the tour schedule:

The one-hour program presented by Genesis will feature a series of “light-hearted stories hope to shed a new light on the player who has dominated PGA TOUR telecasts for the past two decades,” according to PGATour.com. These animated stories will come from fellow tour pros—and if they’re all as good as the one told by Justin Thomas, viewers are in for a treat. (International viewers can watch on GOLFTV beginning Monday, April 20.)
Here’s JT talking about the first time he played “home run derby” with Woods and his son, Charlie. In Tiger’s living room. That’s right, living room. And Thomas wound up doing some damage. Literally.
Keep on eye on that show. Till then stay safe, stay healthy.

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