The 5 Best Golf Cart Batteries For Durability and Cost

The The5 Best Golf Cart Batteries


Let's Get off The Ground.

Battery is the powerhouse of a Golf cart. Probably you want the best golf cart batteries in your cart so that your golf cart can perform the best.

If you are a golfer, you know how important a golf cart is for your daily life. Either that can be golf push cart or an electrical golf cart.

An electric golf cart can typically travel in between 8 to 14 miles on one battery charge, although it depends on the model and configuration of the battery as well as the cart’s voltage.

So you must be very careful regarding choosing battery for your electric golf cart. Your investment should come up with the best result as these are expensive gears but well worth investment.

It is important to consider the carrying weight by your golf cart to select the range to be gained of your battery . Whether your cart is a 2-person  or 4-person & how much luggage you want to carry.

One calculation is that a round of golf requires around 40 minutes of run time and if discharged at 56 amps, an average of two rounds is possible per charge.

If you are in a hurry, you can just choose from the following Top 5. Those have been nominated on the basis of their performance & user reviews. Go ahead; buy any of this Top 5

The 5 Best Golf Cart Batteries of Our Choice :

What are Those Things You Need To Consider When Buying a Golf Cart Battery?

When to Change Your Existing Golf Cart Batteries

It is important to know the symptoms of golf cart batteries which indicate replacement is required. It is as important as performing appropriate maintenance of golf cart batteries.

Most manufacturers recommend replacing a golf cart battery within 5 years once but it could be an even shorter period between replacements for different kinds of reasons. However, with careful maintenance and care, you can extend the lifespan of a golf cart battery up to as much as 8-10 years.

Whatsoever after taking proper care & maintenance, every battery need to replaced as soon as the symptoms given below have shown up.

Take More Time While Charging

Taking more time than usual to get a full charge into your golf cart battery will be an early signal that it is starting to reach the end of its lifetime.

Loss of Mileage

A healthy battery should provide 7-8 miles on a full charge. When the battery mileage reduces than the usual, you have to understand something wrong with the golf cart battery. If you used to play 18 holes, it normally covers the distance comfortably, when it doesn’t cover, that means there is a problem with the powerhouse. Then it’s high time to check the reason & search for the best golf cart batteries in the market.

Acceleration and Power

Brand new golf cart with new battery starts smoothly giving you whiplash. When it gets old, the golf cart battery wears off and the whiplash becomes less telling you that it’s time to part ways with some hard-earned cash.

Visible Physical Wear

When your battery begins developing lumps like the knock on your child’s head when he confused the glass with being open and overflowing out corrosive like an infant’s running nose during this season’s cold virus season, you realize the time has come to go separate ways with some well-deserved money.

Result of Voltmeter Test

You don’t need to trust that all the signs will show up, and potentially leave you at the clubhouse after a round.

Testing all the batteries on your truck routinely with a voltmeter will give you an early sign when your battery is beginning a moderate decrease and give time to taking care of a portion of your playing golf cash to supplant it when the opportunity arrives.

What to Keep in Your Consideration When Selecting The Best Golf Cart Batteries

Just before we dive into the detail of what battery you may require, it will be of extraordinary advantage to comprehend the phrasing that will be bandied about further into the article.


Batteries are accessible in 6, 8 and 12 volts. The voltage alludes to the power used to make an electrical flow or the quality of the battery.

What is The Voltage Requirement of My Cart?

If you are uncertain about how to figure your voltage prerequisite, the primary spot to begin is taking a gander at the producer’s necessity detail.

If that isn’t accessible, the runner up to take a gander at is the present battery setup and figures the necessities from that point. To compute the voltage necessities, check the quantity of corrosive gaps on each battery, and duplicate the quantity of corrosive openings by two to decide the voltage prerequisites.

The third choice is to take it to the battery place to help you in ascertaining the prerequisites.

To accomplish the voltage necessities, you will interface the batteries in an arrangement utilizing single associations between batteries. To accomplish an arrangement association, you will interface the positive ports of the battery to the negative port of the following battery.


The amperage of a golf cart battery gauges its capacity limit and decides how much force your battery will put out while your truck is running.

With this foundation information, we presently comprehend that the amperage accessibility is the main thrust behind moving your truck. The higher the amperage accessible, the more drawn out your batteries will keep going out on the course and the more force will be accessible to you.

Batteries show the amperage every hour on the battery as Ah. Other than the base necessity, your inclinations must detect Ah than producers’ particulars. The higher the Ah, the more force it will give every hour of utilization.

The voltage of the individual batteries associated will give you the consolidated absolute required. To interface the battery pack to the truck, you will associate the positive port of the primary battery and the negative port of the last battery to the truck.

Type/Model of Golf Cart Battery:

People order golf truck batteries into three distinct classes.

Overwhelmed Lead Acid

FLA or “wet cell’ batteries are not fixed and contain lead plates and dependent on sulphuric corrosive. Supplanting the water permits the battery-to recover lost electrolytes.

Battery contains Gel Lead-Acid Batteries

This is a fixed unit that uses a thickening specialist to keep the electrolytes still. GLA batteries can take greater discipline when utilized off in an unexpected direction and can deal with the harsh landscape. They will work easily in any event, when a break shows up in the external security.

AGM Lead-Acid Batteries

As an enhancement for the GLA batteries, the AGM LA batteries are worked with a fiberglass separator to keep the electrolyte set up. They are fit for opposing vibrations, spill-confirmation and can withstand harsher utilization and have demonstrated to be increasingly solid.

Terminals and Associations

Guarantee that the number of associations and the thickness of the links will give the best effectiveness to your capacity bank and will forestall overheating of the batteries.

Value for Money/Price

When beginning your quest for best golf cart batteries it is essential to set your financial limit and have a go at everything conceivable to remain inside the limitations of your spending limit. Setting your spending contemplate that holding back on your buy presently, could cost you in the more extended term.

Costs are serious, and specialists strive for your business. There is an extraordinary advantage to be had from researching on the web where you will get the best generally speaking arrangement. Guarantee that you think about all viewpoints engaged with the arrangement, for example, the online costs, delivering costs, protection, and so forth to ensure that you capitalize on your cash.

 Warranty and Fine Print

The warranty gave by producers and an affiliate is critical and there could be many shrouded provisions that will nullify the guarantee. Require some investment and comprehend what conditions are stipulated in the warranty as it could spare a great deal of dissatisfaction and cash later on. Companies which manufacturing best golf cart batteries for their client have due regard about this.

Continuously read the fine print to guarantee that you are not squandering hard-earned cash and that you are will take advantage of your golf truck understanding. Makers that have an elevated level of trust in their item will without a doubt give you a more extended guarantee and back it up with substitution should something go astray.

Continuously purchase Unused Batteries

Except if you are constrained by conditions, it is never prudent to buy batteries that are not new. In addition to the fact that this is a transient arrangement as your substitution period will be shorter, however, you risk surrenders that couldn’t be identified upon buy and abbreviated guarantee period.

The best performing batteries are new ones or not yet more seasoned than a half year.

It is essential to decide the age of the battery at the time of buying to choose best golf cart batteries.

You will ordinarily discover a stamp on the metal piece of the battery containing data about the assembling of the battery. There ought to be a letter followed by a number.

The letter demonstrates the period of production beginning from A for January to L for December.

As the life expectancy of a golf truck battery is probably not going to surpass 10 years, the number demonstrating the year will as a standard be inside the most recent decade. A 2 will demonstrate that it was made in 2012 and an 8 that it was made in 2018.

Examine For Any Damage

Regardless of whether you buy another or utilized battery it is fitting to assess it for harm. Guarantee that there are no splits, harm or consumes that may make the battery flop sooner than anticipated. Soil blemishes on new batteries could show that they were utilized and returned as damaged.

Become familiar with the charger

The details of the charger must matches with the necessities of the battery. Warranty that the size of the charger and force necessities are inside the parameters of what you have accessible.


More weight on the battery will be progressively steady in your truck and there is s littler possibility of it dropping out of your truck.

Heavier batteries are typically increasingly stable in your truck and less inclined to relinquish your truck while moving.

On the negative side, heavier batteries will include weight and may slow your movement marginally. 

Decide the Battery’s Life Cycle

The occasions that you can revive your battery will decide to what extent it will last. Customary utilization of the truck for expanded periods will require batteries that can keep going longer and revive on more events.

Decide Dimensions

Physical elements of the battery must have a significant impact on your buy. You would prefer not to return home and understand that they don’t fit into the space apportioned and requesting a substitution from the affiliate.

5 of The Best Golf Cart Batteries:

 1. Trojan SCS150 12V 100Ah Group 24 Superior Deep Cycle Battery


  • Up to 750 charges and 200 rounds of golf
  • Top-quality brand
  • 2-year full substitution guarantee
  • Least cost amp-per-hour battery available
  • Various use batteries for sun-powered and wind electric frameworks.
  • Most recent innovation


  • Requires moderately high upkeep for example watering and keeping up clean terminals for best outcomes
  • Not the least expensive
  • To some degree overwhelming

With a history traversing from the 1920’s, Trojan is a profoundly appreciated brand in the assembling of golf truck batteries that is reliable and has a superb life cycle. It is the best among the best golf cart batteries in the market. Known for creating innovation that sets them in front of the pack, clients and specialists the same have appraised Trojan batteries as pioneers in their particular classes.

The organization is known for creating extraordinary profound cycle lead-corrosive batteries that perform commendably with a long life expectancy. The vast majority of the opposition will concur that Trojan has set the bar high for everybody to strive for. The batteries release at a more slow speed empowering them to drive trucks even on the longest outings on the course.

With a blend of value, force and speed the Trojan battery packs ought to be one of the principal brands to be added to your rundown for assessment.

Trojan T-105 6 Volt battery is an excellent, flood leaded battery that is intended for cost-adequacy, life span, unwavering quality, and execution. Probably the most compelling motivation for being on the diagrams is the existing pattern of the T-105 as it very well may be charged and released multiple times which makes them among the best in the market today.

The profound cells on the T-105 will forestall early debasing from customary charging and perfect for visit high-power use.

Following a legitimate upkeep program, the T-105 batteries will empower you to appreciate numerous cheerful, continuous hours.


The components of the T-105 Trojan are around 10.3 inches long, 7.1 inches wide and a little more than 10 inches high.

Release rates:

It has a noteworthy 225 AH at a 20-hour rate offer 6-volt voltage for running little to medium-sized engines.

The pace of Discharge: 447 minutes @ 25 amps or 115 minutes @ 75 amps

With a gauge of 750 cycles giving capacity to in excess of 200 rounds of golf even at the most extreme utilization of 75 amps, you should play a great deal of golf to get the T-105 to abandon you.

Key Specifications:

  • Weight: – The T-105 tips the scales at 62 pounds
  • Guarantee: – One-year producer’s guarantee
  • Voltage: – 6V
  • Battery type: – Flooded lead battery
  • Life Cycles: – 750 life cycles

Our Verdict

Anticipate top quality batteries with extraordinary reinforcement guarantee and full substitution should you experience serious issues during the guarantee time frame.

This is a battery that can deal with continued charging without corruption because of the profound cells.

At last, the brand has been around longer than the vast majority of us and still gives top-of-the-go batteries and backs up their guarantees. You can’t go excessively far wrong by investigating this brand.

 2. UPG UB12350 Battery


  • Extraordinary incentive for cash
  • Support free
  • Spill and vibration confirmation
  • The battery accompanies a one-year guarantee.
  • Handles all territories


  • The battery ought not be released beneath half as the producer proposes.
  • Will in general debase after some time

UPG Powering Innovations have been around since 1968 delivering vitality stockpiling answers to improve their clients’ personal satisfaction and is one of the top-notch makers of golf truck batteries.

The UPG UB12350 (Group U1) 12 Volt Battery is an incredible, best in class, fixed lead corrosive battery that is valve-managed and accessible in 35AH or 75AH. The utilization of non-destructive materials and a fixed fiberglass tangle with an electrolyte fixed set up. Being a fixed unit makes it totally support free and as it is spill-evidence it very well may be utilized in practically any unpleasant or sloping landscape

Key Specifications:

  • The UB12350 quantifies in at and measure in at 7.68 inches long, 5.16 inches wide and 7.13 crawls in tallness.
  • Voltage: – 12 volts
  • Amperage Rating: – 35 AH
  • Battery type: – Flooded lead battery
  • Life cycles: – 600 life cycles
  • Guarantee: – 1 year
  • Weight: – 23.15 pounds
  • The uncompromising ABS Plastic shell that causes it to break evidence

Our Verdict

Solid, very much ensured plastic spread to go with the spill-confirmation and vibration-evidence that permit it to be utilized on all landscapes.

 3. Lifeline Marine AGM Battery – GPL-4CT


  • Simple to utilize
  • High charge proficiency structure
  • Similarity with most chargers
  • Impervious to vibrations
  • 750 life cycles


  • Substantial

Help Marine items are focused on the marine item’s market however are absolutely usable by the playing golf network. The batteries are hand-made in the USA and affirmed by the US Coast Guard for use on US Military vehicles. This ought to move trust in the item as the US Coast Guard requires thorough testing to be led and an intensive assessment procedure to be finished before putting an item on the endorsed list.

This is a genuine profound cycle battery that is exceptionally serious in the number of profound cycles that it can oblige and is one of the main, if not the main battery, in the number of charges it will experience. The Lifeline Batteries are worked to be incredibly solid and will go through 1000 cycles at half profundity charges and give a 750 cycle at 80% profundity release.

The similarity with most chargers accessible available because of the high-charge proficiency plan, in addition to the usability, makes this an amazingly attractive battery.

Breaks and harm are low on the rundown of worries around this battery as it is an AGM battery.

The 220 AH limit at a 20-hour rate will empower broadened travel openings without being worried about being left stranded.

Help has increased a great deal of trust in their item through participation with the US Coast Guard and offers an industry-driving 5-year guarantee.

Key Specifications:

  • Cycle life: – 750 cycles
  • Voltage: – 6 volts
  • Amperage: – 220 AH
  • Guarantee: – 5-year guarantee
  • Battery Type: – AGM battery
  • Estimations: – 10.28 inches long, 7.06 inches wide and 9.92 inches high
  • Weight: – 66 pounds

Our Verdict

This is a superior battery that is very adaptable battery produced for marine applications and acknowledged by the US Coast Guard.

Quality is a trademark and the 5-year guarantee represents certainty that the organization has in the presentation and craftsmanship of the item.

 4. Deka 8GGC2 Compatible Battery by Amstron


  • Long cycle life (750 cycles)
  • Upkeep free
  • Fast charging
  • No freezing


  • Or maybe overwhelming
  • Expensive

An altogether substantial, innovatively progressed fixed unit is absolutely upkeep free, that is the guarantee from Amstron. The likelihood of the battery spilling while at the same time navigating the unpleasant and uneven territories of the green is 0. The plates in the battery are tough and won’t be removed or influenced by the vibrations and knocks while scanning for your ball in the unpleasant.

The battery is intended to decrease heat while charging and releasing and this prompts an all-inclusive life cycle. Charge rapidly, gradual release rate and no chance of freezing during amazingly chilly climate makes this an extraordinary blend. The low release rate while sanding is amazingly low to suit those periods where your truck is dormant.

The flexibility of the Amstron CG2 permits it to be utilized in various vehicles, for example, marine vehicles, RVs, sunlight based and wind engines and, obviously, golf trucks.

Key Features:

  • Retained Glass Mat (AGM) innovation implies there is no free fluid inside the battery. The nonattendance of fluid decreases the warmth age during the cycles
  • The most reduced hydrogen outflow estimating to 4% as it were
  • Freezing is impossible because of the absence of fluid

Item details:

  • Voltage: – 6 Volts
  • Amperage: – 210 AH
  • AGM battery
  • About 10 inches in length by 7 inches wide.
  • Estimating in at 10.2 inches long, 7.1 inches wide and 10.8 inches high
  • Weight: – 68 pounds
  • Cycle life: – 750 cycles
  • Guarantee: – 2 years

Our Verdict

Support free with an actual existence cycle up to 750 charges that will give you numerous long periods of golf truck travel without any stresses over determining the status of the water. Chilly climate isn’t an issue as no fluid can freeze.

A top notch item with heaps of innovation that is an item that could profit you to research and assess before you focus on your buy.

 5. ML35-12 Gel – 12 Volt 35AH Rechargeable Gel Type Battery


  • High caliber
  • Simplicity of upkeep
  • Sturdiness
  • Prevalent vibration obstruction


  • Low cycle life
  • It is overwhelming

Exide has been in the battery business for a considerable length of time and has gained notoriety for giving durable viable batteries. Nonetheless, in the golf truck and versatile battery industry, the opposition has beated the Exide batteries with regards to life cycles.

The quality related with Exide batteries despite everything goes to the front line when you introduce an Exide.

Vibration obstruction is helped utilizing a cast on a tie to give steady electrical conductivity in any event, when entering the harsh and lopsided landscape.

The vent tops advance the simplicity of support in any event, for the unenlightened golf truck proprietor.

Item Specifications:

  • Life Cycle: – 600 cycles
  • Voltage: – 6V
  • Measurements: – 10.38 inches long, 7.19 inches wide and 11.44 inches high
  • Weight: – 62 lbs
  • Limit (Ah): – 200

Our Verdict

Quality and solidness are trademarks of the Exide brand and won’t baffle with the truck batteries. In spite of the fact that the existence cycles are underneath the imprint set by most contenders, you can depend on the brand to give a difficulty free encounter to the life of your truck batteries. The Exide has the longest battery life accessible and ought to be a piece of your examination list absolutely dependent on the toughness of the brand.

Last Thoughts

Golf truck batteries structure a significant piece of your hitting the fairway gear and the quantity of cycles, force, and similarity with the remainder of your truck is of absolute significance. 6 V Flooded Lead Acid batteries are the most famous on the course and will be found in at by far most of trucks.

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