What Are Starter Golf Clubs?

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As a beginner, it may be cowing to understand where to begin. Do you need a 9-iron? Do you need a 3-wood? What does each club do? What do you actually need?


Starter golf clubs are a beginner golfer’s first complete set of golf clubs.A starter set will often come with a variation of this grouping of clubs:

    • Driver
    • 2 Fairly Woods
    • 1 Hybrid
    • 4 Or 5 Irons
    • Pitching Wedge
    • Sand Wedge
    • Putter

Driver & Fairly Woods

The driver will have a large clubface with a standard loft angle and a medium shaft flex. The larger clubface makes contact with the ball easier and the standard loft angle and medium shaft flex make them much more forgiving of the tee.

Hybrid & Irons

The hybrid, used as an alternative for long irons, they have proven to be somewhat more difficult to use than a long iron for some golfers. But on most golf courses you will not find the need for long irons, so replacing 2 or 3 clubs for 1 hybrid, lightens your load and still provides you with a good club to utilizes if needed. Irons are 9 through 5 usually, but you could lose the 5 iron on most par 4 and 5 courses, lightening your load even more. 

Wedges & Putter

The 2 wedges and putter are a must-have, no golfer enters a round of golf without them.

The pitching wedge is the most used club in the bag for green approach and over bunker short-range shots where you need a higher loft to reduce ball travel on landing as well as getting you out of the ruff or worse. Which is where beginner golfers will often find themselves and back on to the green. 

The sand wedge is self-explanatory as well as being a good option for chip shots. The putter will have a large face as well as alignment marks or grooves for better accuracy. Keep it light and simple, that is what a set of beginner golf clubs designed for.

Almost all golf club manufactures today offer a starter golf club set or what is sometimes referred to as complete golf club package.Which has the minimal amount of clubs as described above and also comes with a bag that has a retractable stand as well as covers or socks for the drivers and fairway woods. These package sets are affordable and the club’s design is universal for the average beginner golfer.

Our Finle Words

The intention following that is to keep your club selection down so you can stay focused on your golf swing and game and not judging a club. It is a proven asset to beginner golfers that require to improve their swing. Fewer club options get you more forward faster with the clubs you do have to choose from. It generates a much more stress-free and comfortable mood for learning and growing, the less one has to worry about the better, when it comes to learning, that goes for almost anything you are learning. 

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